Advanced Treatment for
Unsightly Varicose Veins

80 million Americans have some kind of venous disorder and out of these 80% are cosmetic.  Although most people do not have a major circulatory disorder, visible veins can give the impression of aging and poor health.  Most people seeking treatment for varicose veins are not aware of how safe, effective, and relatively painless modern vein treament options are.

Varicose Veins?

  • Also known as spider veins
  • Mostly cosmetic
  • Caused by heredity
  • Can be a sign of hormonal imbalance

What causes unwanted varicose veins?

Unwanted leg veins affect over 1 out of 4 Americans.  Women are 2x more likely to develop varicose veins than men and over 80% of these unwanted veins are not medical related but are cosmetic. The causes for these unwanted veins are multi-fold and vary between individuals.  There are small, red, or blue surface veins called reticular veins.  There are also perforating veins that protrude outside the skin that are also varicose veins but have underlying anatomy that requires other modes of treatment for clearance and correction. 

Spider veins and reticular veins are easily treated through a variety of modalities.  These conditions typically are the results of heredity, especially if both your mother and father suffered from the same condition and can start to appear at a young age.  Other causes for the appearance of these veins are hormonal imbalances (from pregnancy) occupational situations (prolonged standing/sitting) injury, or other deeper vein insufficiency or reflux (valve malfunction).  Since these veins are very superficial to the skin and do not protrude from the skin they typically do not carry a large blood supply and are not high pressure that can be easily treated with a high degree of clearance and patient satisfaction.  

Though the treatments will eliminate these unwanted veins, there is a very good possibility that you will need “touch-up” subsequent treatments from time to time thereafter.  The veins treated initially will be eliminated however the underlying condition for having these types of veins will still persist.  The time between the initial and subsequent treatment needed var upon the individual but it is not uncommon to have 12 months of clearance. 

Perforating veins (veins that protrude above the skin) are not treated through traditional sclerotherapy or by venous lasers.  These veins have an underlying health risk or can only be treated by vein removal(vein stripping) or by laser.  These procedures require additional workup, vein mapping, and possible other ultrasound-guided deep vein destruction prior to eliminating these types.  In some cases, these veins can’t be eliminated since they may be associated with a venous disorder that may exclude these types of procedures. 

It should be noted that spider veins and reticular veins do not present a health risk and these veins can be eliminated without worry.  Spider veins and reticular veins form because of excess blood flow and act as a “sponge” and not an integral part of blood circulations.

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